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November 2017

Principal Steve Lucas

Hello again Cavalier family and welcome to fall! This is probably my favorite time of the year as there are so many fun things happening and we are in full swing here at school. This year has gotten off to a great start and our students are fully engaged. Fall sports teams have experienced success and our clubs and organizations are also busy, organizing, competing, and providing community service.

Two of the things I get very excited about this time of the year are Veteran’s Day and The Marine Corps birthday both of which fall in November. For those of you that do not know, I am a veteran of the Marines and consider myself a patriot. On a related matter, one of the traditions that has long been associated with our sports activities and official school functions is the playing of the National Anthem. Now it has never been our practice to play the National Anthem before every school game, but it is typically played before varsity contests and most official functions here at school. I want to reassure you that practice will continue with one small exception. The National Anthem will be played before the first varsity contest of the afternoon only. In other words, when we have a Field Hockey game at 4:00 PM and a Soccer Game at 6:00 PM, we will play the National Anthem before the field hockey game only. This will be done to avoid having to stop the contest that is already in progress to render appropriate Honors to our nation. This has nothing to do with any political or social events occurring in our nation and only out of what is practical and makes sense. Please stop in and see me any time if I can amplify on my reasoning with this practice.

Finally, as I sit here and consider all that our students are doing it is truly impressive. Most of our students are up before the Sun and jumping off the bus here at 7:20. They rotate, :45 minutes at a time, through seven different classes that encompass a wide range of often unrelated subjects, manage assignments, projects, and assessments, and then often participate in clubs, sports, or have jobs. Despite these arduous schedules, we have several hundred students taking our most rigorous courses, between 700-800 students on the Honor Roll each quarter, students providing literally hundreds of hours service to our community, and the great majority of our students promoting and participating in a positive, productive school culture. While some of our students can drive us crazy at times, and all of them make mistakes, please do not forget to encourage them and thank them for the great efforts they make. We have a wonderful group of students and we are grateful for the opportunity to teach them.

I thank you again for the privilege of leading our school. I invite you to visit often, and I wish you well.

Steven Lucas

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